Development Update: New Homepage & Student Portfolio Pages

Development Update: New Homepage & Student Portfolio Pages

In all honesty, when we first designed our homepage, we basically did the same as every other art community website at the time and showed the most recent projects. It doesn't makes no sense to us anymore, and it adds no real value which is why we have released a new one.

The new homepage has been broken down into these main section:

  • Featured Blog Post that shows something you must know about.
  • Featured Members section to showcase great profile page updates and "Featured Member" badge winners.
  • Staff Picks - People unlock new badges for their projects all the time, now you can actually see them.
  • Leaderboards to show who the most active members are for the month.
  • Latest Blog Posts that are related to your journey
  • New Members - Sharing a bit of love to our newest members.
  • Video Resources to all the latest action on Twitch and partner channels.

Take a moment and head across there now and take a look.

Welcome to The Rookies
Platform to help digital artists get discovered without having to compete with professionals for attention.

One Page Profile Pages

While we had our design hats on, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at member Profile Pages. Once again, I feel we followed suit and took design inspiration from other community platforms when we originally built our site.

Before we overhauled the pages, we put it to a vote with our members about what they wanted to see. The votes came in with a whopping 98% winning poll asking us to convert the pages to a single page.

After a few good rounds with our team internally, we have released what we believe is a stunning profile page that any digital artist would be proud of. Take a look at a few of these examples.

The pages have been designed to really showcase a member journey. Showing to the world where they are going, what industries they are interested in, and displaying their projects and entries is a beautiful grid layout. Oh, and then there are the badges. Everyone loves to show off a shiny badge. We have loads of new ones getting dropped everyday and pushed out to social media for everyone to see.

Here are a few featured profiles worth checking out:

I was inspires by a Disney movie called Zootopia. I love the characteristic and the animal in the movie. In addition, I’m also like the city with different weather. When I watched this movie, I feel very amazing and make me set a goal to become a 3D modeler in order to model and provide the animatio…
Joachim Kappelslåen
Grew up with a lot of pop culture. Fell in love with imaginary worlds and drew inspiration from them. Gained a huge passion over the years and the last year realizing I want to achieve new skills and become a creative artist.

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