The Rookies School Membership: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to The Rookies School Membership!

We're thrilled to know that you are considering a collaboration with us. Before we dive in, let's cover some important stuff:

What's In It for You?

As a member, you're in for some fantastic perks:

  • School Microsite: Your very own digital space.
  • Lead Generation: We help you find potential students.
  • School Reporting: Get insights into your performance.
  • Brand Exposure: We regularly showcase schools and students through our social media channels, blog and newsletter.
  • School News: We feature and share the most interesting news and announcements from member schools.
  • Priority Support: We've got your back, students and staff.
  • Recruitment Opportunities: Studios looking for your top talent.

Membership Agreement: This agreement ("Agreement") is like the handshake between The Rookies ("us") and [School Name] ("you"). It kicks into gear as of the day you make payment for your subscription.

Membership Renewal:

Our School Membership is an annual subscription, renewing each year from your initial payment date. You can pay securely via Credit Card through Stripe. If you decide not to renew, no sweat! Just remember, your Membership perks will pause, and your school Microsite will turn into a basic listing. If you want to pause your Membership before the year is up, no refunds will be issued.

A Word on Results:

While we aim to provide value, outcomes can vary due to multiple factors. Your school's engagement on The Rookies platform will likely correlate with the level of results you see. Your decision to join the Membership is entirely your choice, and you agree not to hold us responsible for any claims, liabilities, or expenses related to your Membership.

All set? It's magic time now! Let's get started. Contact us at [email protected] if you are ready to kickstart your Membership.