Development Update: New Search, Badges & Marmoset Viewer

We love sharing updates to our features and tools. Learn about our new search, shiny badges students can earn, and our new Marmoset Integration.

Development Update: New Search, Badges & Marmoset Viewer

Marmoset Viewer is a physically-based WebGL 3D model viewer with animated scene support, giving your audience the full viewing experience. Features like refractive materials, shadowed fog, and the shadow catcher object further enhance your presentation.  

Adding Marmoset Viewer files to portfolio projects and contest entries is super easy with our new page builder widget. Make sure to get your students to check it out as it's the perfect way to show off their incredible work.

Industry Based Search Enabled

We love sharing all your student's projects on our platform. The problem is, there is so much of it! This is why we have now added a search based on Creative Industries which means you can easily find work such as 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Games, Concept Art and more. It's long overdue, but it's here now.

Shiny new badges

Students love entering our contests to help build their confidence, get showcased on our social media channels and to hopefully catch the eye of a recruiter looking to hire talent. When students are awarded badges and certificates, this previously only appeared on their profile page. With our latest release, you can now see all the shiny badges on the entry pages.

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