Maximising Success at Rookie Awards 2024: A Guide for Schools

Maximise your school's impact at RA24 with a School Membership. Gain real-time insights, enhance student participation, and boost your global ranking. Discover the key to showcasing your school's talent and achieving excellence in the Rookie Awards 2024.

Maximising Success at Rookie Awards 2024: A Guide for Schools

As Rookie Awards 2024 approaches, we have an incredible opportunity to highlight the talents of students from around the globe and underscore the excellence of educational institutions like yours. The achievements of your students are not just a reflection of their creativity and dedication; they are instrumental in shaping the global perception and ranking of your school within the creative industries. With this in mind, your proactive engagement is essential for several reasons:

  • Direct Impact on Global Rankings: The achievements of your students in RA24 directly influence your school's position in the Global School Rankings. High-performing entries elevate your school's profile, showcasing your commitment to excellence in creative education.
  • The Key to Success: Active monitoring, encouragement, and tracking of student participation are essential. By investing time to oversee your students' entries, you ensure that your school is represented across a wide range of categories, maximising your visibility and chances of ranking highly.

Strategies for Maximising Success

Leverage these insights to enhance your school's performance and recognition:

Rookie of the Year:

  • Aim for at least 12 students to submit individual entries per creative categories, including 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Game Development, Motion Design, and more. Full list here.
  • Success in this category enhances your school's standing in our industry rankings, potentially earning titles like 2024 Best 3D Animation School in the World.

Film/Game of the Year:

  • Focus on submitting at least one entry per category, welcoming both individual and team projects.
  • Categories include VFX, 3D Animation, 2D Animation for Film, and PC & Console, Immersive Media, Mobile for Games. Full list here.
  • Success in these categories enhances your school's standing in our industry rankings specifically related to Production Excellence.

School Membership:

We understand that success in RA24 is a top priority for you—seeing which students are participating, ensuring your school is well-represented, and aiming for top spots in the Global School Rankings. Here’s how a School Membership can directly support these goals:

  • Access to Live Eligibility Report: With a School Membership, you'll have real-time access to see which students have entered, the categories they've chosen, and how this aligns with your school's strategy for representation and success.
  • Boost Your School’s Visibility: Being informed allows you to encourage more students to participate, ensuring a broad and impactful presence across various categories.
  • Strategic Support for Global Rankings: Knowing where your school stands in real-time helps you focus efforts on categories where you have the best chance to excel and be recognised globally.

If You Already Have a Membership: The Live Eligibility Report will be shared with you as entries open, allowing you to track participation and adjust strategies as needed.

Considering a Membership? If you're not yet a member but interested in how these benefits can support your school's success in RA24, we invite you to speak with our team.

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