Development Update: New Search, Badge Winners, School Projects and More

Development Update: New Search, Badge Winners, School Projects and More

Digging through all the amazing portfolio projects is one of the most popular things members and visitors like to do on The Rookies. Let's be honest, the work is inspiring, but the search has always been pretty basic.

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Not sure where to start looking? Need a little inspiration? Then why not try the new Quick Links at the top of the projects page. These quick links will jump straight to our most popular searches and show you what is trending.

Badge Winners

Our team awards badges all the time to members for sharing great projects on their portfolio pages. To make it easier to find these, I've added a few new filters: Editor's Choice and Weekly Drills. To access these, click the Filters button on the yellow search navbar, then click Badges.

School Projects

Showcasing portfolios from the best creative schools in the world is something our team loves to do at The Rookies. To make this quicker and easier, I've added an auto-complete field to the search filters. Simply start typing the name of a school in the School Name form field and the results will update instantly.

Development Sneak Peak

We will be upgrading the Members page, offering an enhanced experience for our valued members and your students. Get ready for featured 'Hire Me' buttons and quick links for easy member discovery. But the real magic lies beneath the surface. Introducing our new members search, allowing recruiters to find talented individuals based on their achievements, including Rookie Awards winners, Rookie All-Star alumni, and holders of special badges like "Portfolio of the Week." We are pumped to unveil this game-changing upgrade!


Everyone loves to earn a sweet looking badge, and our team loves to award them to members. But like many things, they can go unnoticed on such a massive platform like ours. This is why I've been building out a working prototype to show off all the badges you can earn at The Rookies, and which talented members have unlocked each of them. Right now our code-whispering wizard, Steven Podlecki, is working his magic to optimise the system and get it live.

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