Publishing Schedule and Tips for Submitting Editorial Content

Publishing Schedule and Tips for Submitting Editorial Content
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This section is specifically for schools with memberships, but if you're not there yet, keep reading! It's great to know what you can make the most of when you're ready to join. It's a fantastic way to share your school's accomplishments with our 1 million yearly visitors.

Editorial Opportunities

There are four types of editorial articles you can contribute:

Project Breakdown

This type of article delves deep into a student project, revealing the step-by-step process of its creation. It's not just about the final outcome; it's about taking readers on the journey from idea to completion.

While the articles below are planned for an annual feature, we are open to publishing additional project breakdown articles. If you have dedicated students who consistently showcase their work in their Rookies portfolio, we are more than willing to share their projects through this type of article.

Check out this document about how to create and submit content for this article.

Tip: Think of it as a sneak peek into how you'd present yourself in a job interview – showcasing your growth, skills, and your overall approach to your work.

Insider's Guide

This is an interview series that offers a student's perspective on your school, featuring unique and intriguing questions. These articles give an authentic and relatable view of student life, helping prospective applicants understand the special experiences your institution provides.

TIP: The more detailed, the better! We're looking for more than just one-sentence answers because we believe there's much more to know about your school. Engage with active students who can passionately describe the campus, neighbourhood, and the school community to potential students.

Success Stories

This interview series shines a spotlight on students who have succeeded after studying at your school. These stories celebrate real-world achievements and inspire aspiring creatives to envision their own bright futures.

TIP: Reach out to alumni in various roles. This keeps the representation of your school diverse and fresh, providing new inspiration for our readers. We appreciate hearing from alumni who are new to a role as well as those who have been in their positions for years.

School Feature

Direct conversations with students from your school. This series addresses common questions potential students might have, such as the quality of education, available resources, and what sets your institution apart.

TIP: We love to hear from students who are passionate about their studies. Often, these are the same students who regularly contribute to the site, submit their work, and showcase everything they've learned at school.

You can access these templates here.

Sharing Your Editorial Content: Where It Goes

Your school's editorial content doesn't stay confined—it's shared, celebrated, and amplified across The Rookies' platforms. From the Discover blog to the School Directory, from social channels to our member newsletter, your insights have the power to inspire and guide the creative education community.

Discover Blog

Your articles take centre stage in our Discover blog, the core hub of The Rookies' insights and inspiration. We carefully curate and feature your content here, ensuring it reaches a wide and engaged audience. This is where your school's perspective shines, creating a lasting impact.

School Directory Feature

We're committed to giving your content the prominence it deserves. That's why we showcase your articles on the School Directory homepage. This not only enhances your school's visibility but also positions your institution as a thought leader in creative education.

Social Media Reach

The Rookies' extensive social media presence ensures your content reaches a global audience. Your articles are shared across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through dedicated posts. This expands your reach, sparking conversations worldwide.

Member Newsletter

We believe in keeping our community connected. That's why we feature impactful articles in our member newsletter. Your insights can influence and inspire a broader network of students and professionals, amplifying your voice.

Submitting & Publishing

Our goal is to publish a featured article on a quarterly basis. Sometimes it might be more frequent, sometimes less. We can be flexible and adjust as we go!

When it comes to news features, we aim to represent all schools as fairly as possible. If you don't have news in a particular month, that's absolutely fine – we'll prioritise you the next time over someone who recently shared.

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