Teachers Kit: Navigating Student Activities on The Rookies

Effortlessly keeping track of your students' activities on The Rookies is a key element in enhancing their experience and monitoring their growth.

Teachers Kit: Navigating Student Activities on The Rookies
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Easily keeping track of your students' activities on The Rookies is a key element in enhancing their experience and monitoring their growth. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to effectively find and track your students' activities, ensuring a streamlined process and access to valuable insights.

How to Locate Your Students

  1. Visit your school's dedicated microsite on The Rookies.
  2. Located on the left column, you will find a statistic about how many of your students are members at The Rookies. You will notice this is actually a hyperlink that will take you to the members page and automatically filter it to only show your students.

Members Search Page

For those of you familiar with the Members page, you can go directly to this area and use the available filters to find your students quickly.

  1. Access the Find Talent section from the main navigation menu.

2. Utilise the search bar by clicking the Filters button. This will load a modal overlay with available filter options. Simply start typing your school name into the Search School field. Available school names with autocomplete and be available for selection.

Ensuring Correct School Name Setting: A Vital Step

For accurate tracking, it's essential that your students have their school name correctly set in their profiles. To ensure this:

  1. Guide students to navigate to their Profile Settings
  2. Click on sidebar menu and open Experience
  3. Use the checkbox to select "How are you learning?"

This will display a field asking you "Which school do you attend?".

4. Start typing your school name into the new field. A list of existing schools will appear that you can select from. Hit enter.

5. Click the Save button located at top of page.

Utilising Tags for Enhanced Tracking

  1. Encourage students to use tagging to enhance project visibility and tracking.
  2. Suggest the use of school-specific tags that signify the project's relation to your institution. This facilitates quick location of school-associated projects.
Why not suggest students use a specific tag when submitting a homework assignment eg: myschool-assignment-12b

Tracking with Tags

Once students have tagged their projects, employ the 'Tags' filter to specifically search for projects tied to your school. This streamlined approach ensures you stay informed about your students' contributions.

View all projects uploaded by students

Leverage the 'School Name' filter when searching for projects. This feature allows you to pinpoint projects created by your students across various categories and disciplines.

Conclusion: Streamlined Tracking for Success

Empower yourself with the tools to effortlessly locate, monitor, and celebrate your students' creative endeavours on The Rookies. Implementing these strategies not only fosters community engagement but also provides valuable insights for nurturing growth and excellence within your institution.

With these techniques, you are equipped to guide your students' journey, ensuring they leave a lasting impact in the world of creative industries.

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