Introducing Your Team and Students to Our Community

Introducing Your Team and Students to Our Community
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The landscape of the creative industries is evolving rapidly, and equipping your students with the right tools and opportunities is paramount. Enter The Rookies – a vibrant online community designed to empower emerging talents across various creative domains. This guide is aimed at helping you introduce some of the main elements of The Rookies to your students and teams.

What is The Rookies?

Founded in 2010, The Rookies is the largest community for digital artists looking to turn their passion for creativity and technology into successful careers in visual effects, games, animation, design, and the metaverse.

Created by industry veterans, we help digital artists cut through ‘noise’ and access top education and employment opportunities by providing clear, industry recognised pathways, skill development and connection to a community of partners, experts and fellow artists.

The Journey from Novice to Professional

At The Rookies, students will embark on a journey of skill enhancement and achievement recognition. Progressing through the levels of Debut, Player, Contender, Rookie, and finally reaching the esteemed Pro status. During their journey, your students will feel supported and part of a community that will be there every step of the way.

Our Ecosystem

Within The Rookies, an ecosystem thrives, offering diverse avenues for growth. Encourage students to build their portfolios, showcasing their finest works to potential employers and collaborators. Engage them in exciting contests, designed to challenge their creativity and earn them industry recognition.


This is the main page to our online community portal. This is where all members join in the fun by sharing their latest projects, entering contests and helping each other with their work.


Members share all their latest projects right here. At any point you can see trending projects from digital artists around the world and join in the discussions.


Members are encouraged to challenge themselves by entering regular contests. Entrants compete against one another to win prizes, badges and certificates with the sole purpose of improving their skills, building confidence in sharing their work and helping to build their creative portfolio.


Full search capabilities to find your own students, discover what they have been uploading, and help them connect with their peers and our recruitment partners.


Our latest addition is the 'Schools' section, where we take pride in highlighting the world's greatest educational institutions, providing them with a dedicated platform to connect with our community, visitors, and partners. A central focus of this section is the sharing of our Global School Rankings, as well as showcasing stories and vital updates from our valued school membership partners.


This is technically an ecosystem unto itself, but in its most simplest of terms, Discover is our blog. This is where we share news, articles, school rankings, school listings, weekly drills and more.

Free Students Portfolios

You'll be pleased to know that The Rookies offers Free Student Portfolios – an exceptional avenue for your students to shine. These portfolios come with a range of benefits designed to amplify their creative journey:

  • Unlimited Project Uploads: Students can exhibit their diverse skills by uploading an unlimited number of projects.
  • Single Page Showcase: Each student receives a dedicated page, seamlessly displaying their skills to recruiters and the world.
  • Journey Tracking: Watch your students evolve from novices to pros, tracing their progression over time.
  • Badges, Certificates, and More: The path to excellence is adorned with badges and certificates, acknowledging their hard-earned achievements.
  • Super-Fast and SEO Optimised: Student portfolios are built for speed and visibility, ensuring easy discovery on search engines like Google.

Contests & Challenges

At it's core, The Rookies originally started as a Contest Platform. A place to help students share their incredible talents. From these humble beginnings, The Rookies has developed one of the most advanced Contest Management Systems available today. This lets us create incredible complex  large contests like our annual Rookie Awards, and also smaller contests like Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challenge.

Getting Help

Empower your students with The Rookies' Help-Desk – a dedicated resource for queries and guidance. Whether seeking career advice or technical support, this hub connects students with mentors and fellow members eager to assist.

To help support your students, at any point, if they need help from our team, they can use our live-chat system. Simply ask them to click the yellow chat icon located bottom-right of every page on our main website.


Introducing The Rookies to your students is a decision that fuels their creative potential. As you encourage them to join this vibrant community, you're providing a gateway to nurturing their artistic talents, enhancing their skills, and propelling them toward successful and rewarding careers.

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