Creating the Perfect Lead-Generation Microsite For Your School

Creating the Perfect Lead-Generation Microsite For Your School

Showcase your school with your very own microsite that comes fully loaded with everything you need to attract the best students. The best part is, every school can create a free school microsite and be found in our School Directory.

Benefits of our School Microsites

A lot of effort has been put into SEO and optimisations which means more new visitors are finding us organically and being sent over to your websites. Our goal is to make these places the number #2 ranked page on Google, hopefully right behind your main school page which technically we can't beat (even though we try). Our Microsites have been designed with a two primary goals in mind:

  • Showcase your school and students to the world.
  • Drive leads to your main school website.

To do this, we have designed blazingly fast pages to make sure people get what they need, and don't have to wait for any slideshows or pointless scripts to load. Each site has been built from the ground up, with Search Engine Optimisation at the forefront of our minds.

Check out some great examples here, here and here.

Most Important Information, and no distractions

School Microsite pages focus on information, and remove any distractions. The goal isn't to show off every amazing feature about your school, these pages are more of a teaser. Designed to make a visitor want to find out more!

Get discovered, fast!

Schools are located on the main navigation bar for all to see, and we have countless new funnels driving visitors to their perfectly matched school.

The Rookies - Find Your School
The Rookies is the leading community for aspiring digital artists looking to upskill and access unique career opportunities.

One of the first things you'll notice is that we have improved the UX and UI of our search functionalities across the entire website. It might now appear like much at first, but there is an incredible amount going on behind the scenes to make sure the right school is suggested to visitors and members alike.

"When a visitor wants to find a Certified school that offers a Bachelor degree in Visual Effects, and also appears in the Global School Rankings for 2023. Oh, and they are a Houdini Certified Trainer. We've got your covered."

Global Ranking Badges

One of the biggest requests we received from schools was the ability to display badges earned in the Global School Rankings. This also means that you can filter search results based on these results, which is beneficial for everyone.

Certified School Badges

It's a big deal for a school to earn a Certified School badge. We believe that this accreditation is the best way to prove which schools are reputable, reliable, and a good investment for students. It's a highly involved process, and involves a lot of scrutiny from our independent panel.

Connected to Student Portfolios

One of the features we are most excited about is the ability to showcase popular portfolio projects that have been uploaded by student portfolio pages. Not only does this provide a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills, but it also shows what type of work is completed at school, in real-time.

Schools love to show what their alumni created 10 years ago, but seeing what students are actually working on right now is way more valuable.

Course Overviews, not Course Overloads

We know your courses are amazing, that's why we want to share them with our members. The problem is, there is a lot of information to cover which is why we only share a quick overview of your offerings.

Types of School Microsites

We have 2 different versions of our microsite. These are:

Both versions allow your school to be discovered in our school directory and allow your student to be connected to your school account. The main difference is that Premium pages provide an opportunity to show a little more about your school. Some of the main benefits of Premium school Microsites are:

  • Embeded Hero Video;
  • Student Gallery;
  • Displayed Achievement Badges;
  • Additional Hero Images.

Apply for your School Microsite Today

You don't have to decide yet, about which version you would like, simply fill out the form below and we will get your site published within 24 hours.

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