Introducing your Schools Collaboration with The Rookies

Introducing your Schools Collaboration with The Rookies
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A school's collaboration with The Rookies is a significant milestone that deserves to be celebrated! As a school you are actively providing students with the recognition, opportunities, and additional support they deserve.

One of the things we love to do is link arms with our community members and do our best to help amplify your school and students' work. Here are some key ways you can plan to stay connected, while using various media platforms and networks to amplify your school brand and continue to extend your reach.

How We Introduce a School's Collaboration With The Rookies

The Rookies is proud to be an inclusive and dynamic community where all creatives are welcome. We are thrilled to welcome schools as they take the next step in their Rookies journey and elevate their students further through our School Membership program. Learn more here.

How to introduce your collaboration with The Rookies

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our creative journey! [Your School Name] is now proudly collaborating with The Rookies, an inclusive and dynamic community that celebrates creativity in all its forms. Through this collaboration, we aim to take our students' experiences to new heights and empower them on their creative journey. Visit our school page here: [Microsite Link]

#[School Hashtag] #TheRookiesCo #NewMemberSchools

How to announce your Rookies Certified School Status

We are thrilled to announce that [School Name] has achieved the prestigious Rookies Certified School status, setting us apart in the world of creative media education. This significant accolade serves as a testament to our commitment to excellence in preparing aspiring artists for thriving careers in the Creative Industries. In an industry inundated with options, we understand the importance of standing out. Our dedication to providing students with the skills they truly need to succeed in the professional realm has earned us this esteemed recognition. We believe that every artist deserves the assurance that their chosen institution will equip them for the challenges and opportunities of the industry, and we are proud to be a certified school that delivers on this promise. As a Rookies Certified School, we are committed to fostering the next generation of creative talent, empowering them to excel and make their mark in the world of art and design.

#[School Hashtag] #TheRookiesCo #NewMemberSchools #RookiesCertifiedSchool

The Rookies Social Channels

We invite all Rookies School Members to join us in amplifying the global community of talented digital artists across various social channels. Please subscribe and follow us on our social media channels to stay up to date with the latest student work, articles, and announcements we make featuring your school.

All our social media channels are @therookiesco

Quick Links: YouTube | X | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

n.b. Keep a special eye out for Connor's Weekly Updates on The Rookies LinkedIn channel as he regularly features new student projects.

Where we share

We typically showcase student projects on X, Facebook, and Instagram, where we see excellent organic reach. Student-written articles and school features are shared across all our channels, including LinkedIn. Additionally, we regularly feature students' reels on YouTube. Feel free to share and tag your students' accomplishments when they are featured on our platforms and include a link to our Schools homepage:

In the Press

When it comes to engaging the media and amplifying your school's association with The Rookies, there are numerous impactful strategies to consider.

Start by introducing The Rookies to local media outlets and explain the significance of our global platform in nurturing emerging creative talents. Create articles, videos, or press releases highlighting your collaboration with The Rookies to attract the attention of your local community and beyond. Emphasise how this partnership allows you to internationalise your school's membership and connect with a worldwide network of talented students.

To maximise the reach of your media efforts, consider tagging relevant regional or national alliances and associations. This can help magnify your school's leadership in fostering creativity and innovation within the education sector.

Remember, if you need support with creative narratives or quotes, our team is here to assist you. Together, we can create impactful stories that showcase your school's commitment to empowering the next generation of creative professionals.


Throughout the year, we will co-create engaging editorial content with your school. But here's the exciting part: it doesn't stop there! Your school's editorial content is not meant to stay confined; instead, it's meant to be shared, celebrated, and amplified across The Rookies' expansive platforms. We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage you to join in this endeavour. In fact, you can even reshare these articles on your own website, ensuring to include links back to the original blog for maximum impact and reach.

Rookies Logos

Please access our logos here, for any releases or media posts.

If you need further assistance, reach out to the team at [email protected].

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